The cat rubs its face against her.

I know we don't really know each other all that well.

This gun has a range of 300 meters.

It's priceless.

They cleared the streets of snow.

On the street at night, Nici was threatened by an unfamiliar man with a knife and robbed of his money.

The scientist found that rats treated with the chemical lost on average 30% of their weight.

I'm a homosexual woman.

Caroline has lived in Boston since he was three.

The human race has one really effective weapon and that is laughter.

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Don't look out the window, focus on your studies.

Kolkka will catch us.

They're refusing to work.


She can't stop crying for no reason.

We've been at this for hours.

She has such a fine car that her friends envied her.

Thank you all for that.

I've seen it done.

She hurt her elbow when she fell down.

Roxie isn't invincible.

According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.

I can read many foreign languages, but speak none.


Something bad happened to him.

She's been under lock and key for the past 24 hours.

John caught a tiger and shot two lions.

Take me home.

We are to meet at seven tomorrow.


Valeria opened a bottle of wine.

You're fashionable.

Let's take a break for a second.

He may come across as glib, but he knows what he's talking about.

She had nothing to do yesterday.

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I've got a bad heart: coronary artery disease.

I think things are going well.

Heidi and I are both single.

I was just looking for you guys.

They won't even talk to me.

I can do better than this.

All the answers are correct.

Are you going to warn him?

We'll meet when you are back!

Gerald didn't do so well on his test.

Hartmann brought this.

They're over there, you know, with their dog.

The sheriff said the victim was carjacked at gunpoint on Park Street.


Otherwise, it is considered impolite to pass food with the left hand, because the left hand is used for bathing.

Linda went to the park to listen to music.

I thought you wouldn't tell her that we hadn't done our homework.

I know it to be fact.

Rolfe is really tough, isn't he?


Very few people live to be 100.

You should be in your quarters.

He spoke too quickly for the students.

I feel bad about what I said.

I only speak French with her.

The small duckling can swim but has not demonstrated this ability.

You should go help her.


I'm out of film.

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When you get to be my age, you'll understand what I mean.

The growing power of the new mercantile aristocracy was beginning to displace the medieval nobility's control.

You are only young once.

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She dropped in at my house yesterday.

My bad.

I've asked Laurianne to go to the bus stop to meet Joyce.


The whole family was out harvesting the corn.

Octopus Paul was right.

Keep your hands off my bike!

Are you sure we can do this?

France is a republic.

I was simply entranced by the beauty of her face.

They stared at each other.

Drug addiction degraded many people.

Edward Sapir was an American linguist.

The burglar tied my hands behind my back with a rope.

Try to have some compassion.

On arriving there, he went to see her.

Julius had better hurry or he'll be late.

Now I go to the market.

Alex sat in his flat in the dark, listening to sad songs and crying after he and Sergiu broke up.

Look at those fish in the pond.

We are very much concerned about the future of this country.

I don't trust his story.

I don't see what he says.


I buy a videotape.

The time of monarchy and princing is over.

Where did you blind them?

London is small compared to Tokyo.

I'm sure Annard told you that.

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Galaxies are scattered throughout the universe and they vary greatly in size.

I ate nothing but bread and butter.

We gave all we had.

I don't care a bean.

I continually go to the market.

Rich is employed by a research center in Boston.

Johan decided to help out.

I don't understand your reasoning.

It's the only possible explanation.

What kind of treasure do you seek?

I've been studying Uighur for two years now.

I only hope we're not too late.

Marcos thinks Dominic is interested in John.

He stopped smoking for the sake of his health.

Did Monty try?

The pharmacist made up the prescription for me.

That guy is two-faced.


We're going to have a lot of fun. I'm sure of it.

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I relied on him.

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My brother lives there.

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I bought it at a garage sale.

We had to drive on narrow roads through hilly terrain.

That's why my heart suffers so incessantly.

Joseph considered it.

Several others were seriously wounded.

Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time and is forgotten through the lapse of Time.

Shadow finally caught the chicken.

Two detectives followed the suspect.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your friendship and support.

Rebecca was pretending to be me.

I am looking forward to seeing you next Sunday.

I was really fortunate.

I need to talk with you about Eliot.

You never liked us.

Is this natural?


Yea, would to God, I were among the roses, That lean to kiss you as you float between While on the lowest branch a bud uncloses A bud uncloses, to touch you, my queen.

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I've been after them for a long time.

There's only one bullet left.

I'm here because of you.


They came walking arm in arm.

It's a TV.

It snows in Paris.


I am a Christian girl.

I'm trying to fix it.

I told him, but he didn't pay attention.


Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy.


It will be our secret.


That fellow is a thorough fool.

Have I convinced you?

Eris was first found by a team of astronomers at Palomar Observatory in California.

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He was looking forward to that evening's date.

Even in the most difficult situations, Brett has never lost heart.

I work in the morning.

All right, sir. The salad bar is over there.

Stewart took the orange juice out of the refrigerator.

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Today was a busy day.


The party was boring, so I decided to leave.

He cannot be ill.

I couldn't save Mehrdad.

Rebecca looks almost identical to him.

Today, I have a date with destiny.

The truth is I told a lie.

You have enough time.

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I didn't realize it was so late.


Griff put the thermometer in his mouth.


I don't mean to be unsociable, but I'm tired.


I look over to Melissa.


I need to see her right now.

We don't know what Jesus took.

The candle has gone out.

The Tanakas are visiting us this afternoon.

Please let me answer one question at a time.

This country has become a plutocracy.

You should be careful not to help too much.

I'll bet it gives her a feeling of superiority to be so beautiful.

Try and look happy.

Don't you know I'm going out with Naresh?

The holy writings come from desert people.


I wondered why people were staring at me.